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High precision mechanical manufacturingPrecisione

Our expertise and use of innovative technologies make us a leader in high-precision production in the transmission sector

Focus QualityQualità

Our specialists, through process control and management, enable us to guarantee a product of absolute quality to the highest standards

Make it happen with usPossibile

Our technical and sales departments work in close synergy to propose the best solutions, enabling us to offer an all-round service to Customers

Innovative technologiesInnovazione

Our production workshop and modern metrology room are constantly updated using innovative and safe machinery

From the beginning, we have put our expertise and passion into offering Customers high-precision mechanical machining.

Giuseppe Valle

OLV Founder

About us


Thanks to the experience of our highly specialised staff, we have always been involved in machining with numerically controlled machinery
What we do


We improve our production system day by day. We are constantly updating our machine park to optimise processes and costs.
High-quality processing
Reliable innovative systems
We meet customer requirements with care
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What we offer


Our Company is specialized in high precision mechanical manufacturing, mainly in the gearbox sector

ExcellenceQuality & Sustainability

O.L.V. is a Bureau Veritas certified company with Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The company is equipped with a modern metrology room designed to further raise our standard of precision in the machining of mechanical parts: we measure with optical gauges, three-dimensional machines, electronic altimeters, roughness testers and profilometers.
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Automation project
Automation project
In these first months of 2022, we have worked with passion and commitment on an innovative automation project
Corporate website revamped
Corporate website revamped
Our new website is finally online. We entrusted VIDEO-FLY by Dario Baietto
Pump drive shaft
Pump drive shaft
In the hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic distributors, there is a rotating output shaft that provides the required torque.
PTO shafts
PTO shafts
The power take-off (PTO) is the means by which the tractor engine is able to drive, via the cardan drive shaft, the working parts on the operating machine coupled to it.
Shafts of gear boxes
Shafts of gear boxes
In a transmission system, the axle shaft, also called half-shaft, is each of the two parts of the transmission shaft between the differential and the wheel.
Axles shafts semi-axes
Axles shafts semi-axes
In a transmission system, the axle shaft, also called half-shaft, is each of the two parts of the transmission shaft between the differential and the wheel.
Clutch shafts
Clutch shafts
The friction is a mechanism that, using attrition, allows the gradual joining of the motion of two shafts rotating at different speeds
Transmission shafts
Transmission shafts
The transmission shaft is the mechanical element that transmits the energy developed by the engine to the drive wheels: it connects the gearbox output to the rear differential and generally has splined joints
Transmission bevel pinions
Transmission bevel pinions
The pinion is a driving gear, coupled with the crown wheel. Mounted on two or more ends of the system they transmit motion and allow the speed of rotation to be increased or decreased.
Friction hubs
Friction hubs
A hub is a mechanical organ (friction wheel, pulley or gear wheel) that can be splined to a driven shaft.


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